Kadiyam first energy-neutral station in South Central Railway

By Express News Service

VIJAYAWADA: Kadiyam station in Rajahmundry section of Vijayawada Division earned a rare distinction of being the first Energy Neutral station in the entire South Central Railway zone by meeting all its electricity demands through solar energy. This rare feat is accomplished with the installation of 10 kWp On-Grid Solar power plant on the rooftop of building with bi-directional net-metering.

The station runs on solar energy during the day and excess units generated from the solar plant are fed to DISCOM (Distribution Companies) through net-metering. Similarly, during the night the power requirement for the station is taken from DISCOM, which will be deducted from unites supplied to DISCOM during the day, hence the energy consumption charges paid to DISCOM remains zero.

As per the information provided by the SCR officials, the solar power plant was installed at a cost of Rs 6.5 Lakh with 25 years warranty period for solar panels and the payback period is just four years by saving Rs 1.6 Lakh per annum.

This solar plant is also resulting in a reduction of 14.7 tonnes of carbon footprints per annum. The station is already equipped with energy-efficient electrical equipment like LED lights, BLDC (Brushless DC electric motor) fans, star rated pumps to minimize the electrical consumption. An action plan was formulated by SCR to convert one station in each division into Energy Neutral Station during the year 2019-20. 

Accordingly, first, in South Central Railway, Kadiyam station in Vijayawada Division is declared as Energy Neutral station by SCR General Manager Gajanan Mallya in the presence of  Principal Chief Electrical Engineer (PCEE) AA Phadke last month during the annual inspection of Duvvada-Rajahmundry section. On similar lines, Dwarapudi and Godavari stations were also developed as Energy Neutral Stations. As a result, Vijayawada Division has successfully converted three stations as Energy Neutral Stations as against the target of one for the year 2019-20.

Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) P Srinivas complimented Senior Divisional Electrical Engineers (DEE) MV Venkata Ramana and his team for their dedicated hard work and achieving this rare feat. DRM also said such cost-efficient initiatives not only brings down the maintenance cost but also contributes to a clean and green environment.

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