Had CBN break the jinx on Amaravati?

It seems andhra pradesh ignited after Jagan’s announcement of 3 capitals. Farmers (paid artists as per YSRCP) from 29 villages are fighting for justice since 25 days in Amaravati. Initially, it starts from one or two villages and then spreads to 29 villages with solo demand of one capital for AP. Later, the agitation spreads two districts (Krishna and Guntur). ysrcp leaders have claimed that the agitation is sponsored by tdp for CBN proxies. After wards they challenged CBN to announce one capital for ap in Rayalaseema.

As usual, 24/7 politician CBN has grabbed the situation to his favor in the name of protect farmers interests. CBN has started his agitation against Jagan’s three capitals from Vijayawada. He observed the response from the people and continued the momentum throughout the state for Amaravati. CBN included the involvement of people in amaravati by requesting donations from the people. He went to machilipatnam & rajahmundry to expose ysrcp government and supporting farmers.

Yesterday, he went to tirupati which is located in rayalaseema region. tdp and ysrcp leaders have curiosity how the people of rayalaseema react on CBN tour. He received tremendous response from tirupati people on Amaravati. He made people to raise slogans in favour of Amaravati. CBN did the same what ysrcp leaders challenged on one capital. tirupati visit gave lot of boost to TDP. Leaders in the party have doubts how to react on 3 capitals. Some of them fear of anti from their region if they follow one state one capital Amaravati. CBN disperse all fears among cadre.

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