Sathyaraj Reminded My Thatayya - Sai Dharam Tej

After tasting a series of debacles, Sai Dharam Tej got a huge relief with Chitralahari. The film had ended his flop streak. Sai Dharam is now hoping that Maruti's Prati Roju Pandaage too will work and take his career to next level. As the film is all set to hit the screens on Dec 20, Sai Dharam Tej gets talking about the film and more. Excerpts:

Prati Roju Pandaage

I've known director Maruti from quite long. I've always wanted to work with him. But only after Chitralahari, he had come up with the script of Prati Roju Pandaage and I've immensely liked it and readily agreed to do. The film is so close to my heart. This is a special film in my career. It is very entertaining and it has a good social message. However, it is not preachy though. After watching the film, everyone would feel missing their parents and children who are living far from their parents would visit the family and hug them. Maruti has come up with a brilliant film. The audience has something to take back home from the film.

About Sathyaraj's Character

Sathyaraj gari character is very well-written. His acting is flawless. I could immediately relate to him as he reminded me of my maternal grandfather Konidela Venkat Rao garu. I had fond memories with my Thata. He was so affectionate and we were very much bonded. My Thata was aware that all my cousins would become actors. But he never know that I'd become an actor. He used to ask me that what I'll do in life. But by the time I've decided to take up the acting, whole family was aware of my acting plans except my grandfather. He passed away without knowing my acting plans. That is the regret that I've for the rest of my life.

I really miss my grandfather so much. I saw my grandfather Venkat Rao garu in Sathyaraj garu. Even looks-wise also, they have striking resemblance. My Thata used to sport beard and Sathyaraj gari look in Prati Roju Pandaage would look like very similar to Thatayya. During the shoot, I really felt he was my grandfather. It was a golden chance for me to complete my wishes, dreams. Throughout the shoot, we bonded so much. Time just flew. The 60-odd days shoot was so quick and fast. I wish the shoot could be a little longer. Working with Rao Ramesh garu was yet another good experience. There's a lot one could learn from him. It was a fun working with the whole cast. All characters have a great significance in the story and that's what makes Prati Roju Pandaage a good film.

Rajahmundry Shoot

Shooting at Rajahmundry was fun. It was a nice experience at Godavari. Raashi Khanna's Rajahmundry accent worked well. One would like her role in the film. Everything has worked in favour of the film. Producer Bunny Vas has ensured that everything went smooth. He is a producer with good taste. Backing of UV Creations and Geetha Arts is a big support to the film like Prati Roju Pandaage. Thaman did a terrific job. Be it the songs or the background music, Thaman's work in the movie standout. Cinematography and editing deserve special mention.

Is your character in the movie has limited screen presence?

(Laughs). No, not at all. I have a full-fledged and quite prominent role in the movie. I have my part well. There is no second thought about it. Sathyaraj garu and Rao Ramesh garu and all others have equally important role. But I too have a substantial and throughout role. So many are asking this, so I'd like to clarify to one and all. Especially to fans, I'd like to convey that I have good screen presence in the movie and there are no doubts about it.

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