Karthika Deepam update, December 18: Sourya learns a bitter truth about her parents

In the latest episode of Karthika Deepam, Soundarya praises Karthik for reprimanding Savitri’s husband for questioning her chastity. She requests him to stop suspecting Deepa. Karthik says she (Soundarya) is living in a bubble further justifying his decision to divorce Deepa. Sourya intervenes and expresses her happiness over the family dinner which happens very rarely. She takes them in for the dinner.
Savitri appreciates her husband for his splendid acting in front of Karthik. She says this incident will get Karthik thinking about his mistake.
Monitha, on the other hand, is seen infuriated. She can’t digest Deepa being happy with her family. She curses Karthik and thinks that he may not divorce Deepa for the sake of the kids.
Meanwhile at home, Bhagyam acts restless. She waits for Shravya and some update about the family dinner. She also hopes Karthik divorces Deepa and she will get a share from the alimony.
Deepa is happy serving food to Karthik and the rest of the family. Soundarya asks Deepa to pay attention to Karthik. He later declares to Deepa that he has agreed to dine with them just for the sake of the kids. He also asks her to sign the divorce documents which she will receive in a couple of days. He adds that they will get divorce even if she doesn’t sign them too. Sourya overhears their conversation and gets devastated.
When Hima says Vantalakka (Deepa) might agree to marry Karthik, Sourya replies, their marriage isn’t possible.

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