Paper mills utilising technology to improve quality: IPPTA

Rajamahendravaram: The paper industry in India has undergone a metamorphic change and has brought in transparency in administration. It has unions but the plus point is that they are part of administration and are not aligned with any political parties.

This has helped the industry to move forward though it is a high investment area as the country has gone in for adopting advanced technology. This was the overall conclusion of the two-day seminar-cum-workshop of the Indian Pulp and Paper Technical Association (IPPTA) which concluded here on Saturday.

The seminar saw several information packed presentations on the importance of the paper manufacturing process. The theme of the workshop on day two was "Role of machine in paper-making for quality and cost."

The workshop focussed on the current scenario in the Indian paper industry and the challenges it faces. Ex-Joint Managing Director of Coastal Papers Pvt Limited D. Subba Rao said that Paper Industry has invested heavily in adopting advanced technology.

Earlier, the shift in-charge, the operator and the mill manager used to struggle on shop floor, but now operators sit in air-conditioned rooms and operate the plant. Now that they are in comfort zone, they are able to monitor the work and take corrective actions.

General Manager of Ramadas Paper Mills Pvt Ltd NVLN Rajasekhar said such a seminar-cum-workshop particularly on trouble shooting in Mid segment paper mills was being held after a long gap of 50 years in Rajahmahendravaram. He hoped that by taking these suggestions and guidelines the industries would flourish and make progress. The paper mills, he said share a big onus to improve quality, become competitive and conserve environment.

IPPTA president Sanjay Singh said that the workshop helped in finding answers for sustainable and optimised operations in various areas of a paper unit, economic sustainability, statistical approaches and better environment. He said they should now concentrate more on technological improvements.

IPPTA General Secretary M K Goyal said that seminar gave some highly optimistic yet provisional figures about the Indian paper industry. He said that the paper mills should take up onus to improve quality, become competitive and protect environment.

APPCB Joint Chief Environmental Engineer R Rajendra Reddy felt that seminar's thrust on export and value addition was quite timely when the industry is putting in maximum efforts to increase its export volume with consistent quality upgradation.

Former production manager of AP Paper Mill N Radha Krishna said that paper mills should give top priority to safety and protect environment by developing greenery. Several companies had set up stalls on the occasion.

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