Andhra Pradesh smugglers make a killing with Telangana state liquor

Rajahmundry: Excise authorities are finding it difficult to curb smuggling of liquor from the porous border of Telangana state, where it is cheaper, into AP especially in West Godavari.  A 180-ml bottle of branded liquor costs Rs 80 in TS and Rs 120 in AP. That makes smuggling liquor a profitable venture.

Noticing the smuggling, Excise authorities have stepped up vigil and deployed route watchers.

The YSRC government as the first step in its decision to impose prohibition has reduced the number of retail outlets. It took over the outlets and has handed them to operate to the AP State Beverages Corporation Limited. It has also enhanced the cost of liquor to discourage consumption of liquor.

In TS, the liquor price is determined by demand and supply and is generally lower than it is in AP.  The difference is big enough for smugglers to carry the liquor illegally across the border, in vehicles.

The Excise authorities have started checking the vehicles, especially those coming via villages having a common border with TS, to curb smuggling of liquor.

West Godavari Excise deputy commissioner Anasuya Devi said, “We have observed smuggling of liquor taking place through the TS border into West Godavari given the huge price variation in liquor between both the states.”


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