Moral education, need of the hour

When I sat down to watch TV, I happened to see a serial clipping.

A group of young rogues try to haunt a woman by passing objectionable, derogatory remarks on her daughter that all of them had molested her and she belongs to all of them!

The victim's mother was in a helpless condition and in a totally agonising state. Another Telugu TV serial shows a woman hiring rowdies and directing them how to kill her opponent by pouring petrol on her photo.

These two scenes of Telugu serials show how venom is unconsciously spread in the minds of the viewers of the programme.

They have been repeatedly showing the scenes, then can we expect the present society to be good, pure, virtuous and have the right conduct towards others?

The other day, when I was travelling from Tadepalligudem to Rajamahendravaram in a bus, I saw a person who became wild and started abusing a fellow passenger with his vulgar language and even he went to the extent of physically assaulting him for a petty reason.

The particular 'gentlemen' who abused was wearing black dress (Swami deeksha) and behaved like a beast. All the fellow passengers were dumbstruck by the callous behaviour of him.

His Swami deeksha could not even control his extreme emotions! Whenever I watch these incidents, I completely support Jonathan Swift's work 'Gulliver Travels' a great satire on human race.

His work may not be relevant at those times but relevant in the present time. Values and moral education are the need of hour not only for children but for all persons.

G Shantikiran, Rajamahendravaram, AP

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