Dafne Asiatic School celebrates Global Handwashing Day

Rajamahendravaram: The international 'Hand Washing Day' was celebrated at the Sri Shirdi Sai and Dafne Asiatic School here on Monday. All the students participated in the hand washing programme. The main focus was to promote good hand washing habits among the children.

Children also painted posters and pictures to promote the day and help publicize the message of hygiene. Few animated videos were shown to students on how germs work and spread. The campus reverberated with slogan 'Our hands our future'.

Director T Srividya said that children could be notoriously bad at washing their hands and this was a good chance to make hand washing fun whilst teaching them some vital lessons. She stressed on the need to take keep the hand clean and takes steps for controlling infection very seriously and emphasized that by simply washing hands with soap could reduce over 40 percent of skin and eye diseases and 25 percent of respiratory infections.

She stated that the school took up such celebrations to protect children from communicable diseases that could be prevented through proper hygiene. Within the school, it was an opportunity to remind each and every one, the teachers and students, of the importance of maintaining high standards of hand hygiene to keep health safe and well.

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