Boat tragedy: 5 of 7 bodies handed over

Rajahmundry: Five of the seven bodies, which were retrieved from the wreckage of the Royal Vasishta boat on Tuesday, were handed over to their relatives on Wednesday.
Three bodies, which had decomposed beyond recognition, will be sent to Kakinada for DNA tests. Another decomposed body, which was recovered a couple of days back, is yet to be identified.
The bodies of boat drivers Pothabathula Satyannarayana (62) and Sangadi Nooka Raju (53), and canteen helper Karri Manikanta (22) were among those which were identified. But there was disappointment for the 12 family members of Ramyasri of Manchiryala, as her body was not found among the seven retrieved bodies.
Rajahmundry GGH superintendent Dr Ramesh Kishore said all seven bodies had decomposed to the state that only the skeletons remained. “The bodies were identified by relatives based on the clothes and other articles worn by the deceased. DNA samples have been collected,” he said.

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