Prime accused in knife attack on YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, Janepalli Srinivas allegedly attacked in ...

By Express News Service

VIJAYAWADA: Alleging that the jail staff of Rajahmundry central prison attacked Janepalli Srinivas, prime accused in the sensational case of the rooster knife attack on the then Opposition leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, his advocate Abdul Saleem lodged a complaint requesting the police to take action against the jail staff. 

In his complaint, advocate Abdul Saleem alleged that jailor M Raj Kumar and guard Trimurthy Rao accused Janepalli Srinivas of taking a papaya fruit without permission and attacked him, causing bleeding injury to his lower lip.After the incident, the accused Srinivas told his brother J Subba Raju over phone that the jailor and guard came to his cell around 3 pm on September 4 and abused him for no reason. The jail staff further bullied him. 

The accused officers should be punished and there is a need to change the place of custody of Srinivas since there is a threat to his life, the advocate demanded. On September 6, the advocate filed a petition with the NIA Special Court requesting it to change the place of custody of Srinivas to another location claiming that the Rajahmundry jail is not safe for him. The hearings for the petition are underway.

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