DNA samples to help doctors identify bodies

Rajahmundry: As identifying the bodies in the boat accident, which took place almost 11 days ago, becomes more difficult with every passing day, doctors and forensic experts want to conduct DNA tests to identify them. The bodies, which are now being recovered, have decomposed to an extent that doctors are being able to identify only their sex.
Talking to TOI, district coordinator of medical services, East Godavari, Dr Ramesh Kishore said “we have been advocating for DNA test for the past five days as the bodies are decomposing rapid.” He said doctors have been indentifying the bodies based on minimal features. He pointed out that the doctors could only determine the sex of the body, which was recovered on September 24. “It will be possible to indentify the dead bodies if the DNA from the bone and sternum is preserved,” he added.
They are, however, waiting for the green signal from authorities concerned to go ahead with the DNA test.
Speaking on the issue, East Godavari superintendent of police, Nayeem Asmi, said post-mortem has been conducted on 36 bodies, which were recovered from the boat, and another three bodies are still in the mortuary that are yet to be identified by relatives. He maintained that the police as well as the revenue departments will give letter of consent to take DNA samples from the three bodies on Thursday.
All the bodies have to be identified as the governments of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have declared that they would pay Rs 20 lakh and Rs 25 lakh, respectively, to the kin of the deceased.

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