Dead body taken in dumping vehicle in Rajamahendravaram

Rajamahendravaram: A wide criticism has been raised over the treatment of municipal and police personnel towards shifting the dead bodies of orphans who die in road accidents and on footpaths to Rotary Kailasa Bhoomi here in the city.

Though there is the possibility of getting free vehicles from Rotary Kailasa to transport the dead bodies of orphans to the cemetery, there have not been utilized.

The residence of Rajamahendravaram city expressed their anguish that the bodies are taken in dumping vehicle which is used to collect trash from the households.

Recently, a picture showing the police and municipal staff shifting a dead body of an orphan to Kailasa Bhoomi in a garbage collection vehicle has gone viral over social media.

Over media inquiring on the incident, the police officials said that Rs 1,000 would be provided to the concerned person from the police station in shifting the dead body.

The Rotary Kailasa Bhoomi organizer Venkat Rao said that there are two vehicles available for free transport of the orphan dead bodies to Innespeta and Kotilingala Revu cemetery.

He said that on the incident day, they had not received any information from the police or municipality. A constable from two town police station has brought an orphan dead body, handed over at Kailasa Bhoomi and went away, Venkat Rao said.

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