Vigil to be stepped up in Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary

The wildlife authorities are gearing up to set up an additional base camp by deploying additional watchers to assist the existing staff in curbing illegal trade of various species of clams in and around the Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary.

At present, the Forest Department has barely a team of six personnel headed by a ranger, tasked with the conservation of the sanctuary.

Speaking to The Hindu over the phone, Rajahmundry Divisional Forest Officer Anant Sankar said that a special base camp would soon be set up in the sanctuary, apart from deploying a team of watchers assisting the existing team. The majority of the sanctuary is cut off from the mainland.

Mr. Anant Sankar said Zoological Survey of India experts have been asked to identify the species of clams found in the Krishna estuary, including the sanctuary.

“The ZSI’s report on the species of the clams will be sent to the State Wildlife authorities to request the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change to include the recommended species, declaring a ban on trade and collection of the said species”.

The clams are being collected in and around the sanctuary are being exported to various destinations in India and abroad through various sources.

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