Rajahmundry: Forest wing to raise plants in 1000 hectares

Rajahmundry: As part of efforts to enhance forest cover by one per cent per annum, the forest authorities are raising several species of forest plants like teak, banyan and other varieties in about 1,000 hectares in forest area of Kakinada and its surrouding areas in East Godavari.

The authorities are taking up regular as well as gap filling plantation in the forest area located at Gokavaram, Rampachodavaram, Yeleswaram, Sudikonda, Rajavommangi and other areas. They are taking up seedlings aged 1-2 years,  measuring up to 1.5 metres height, for plantation so that their chances of survival is more and require less maintenance. As the monsoon showers started from mid-June onwards, the authorities started planting them in identified areas so that rains will help the plants to survive. Earlier, the authorities have taken up clearing of weeds so that they can plant seedlings and raise them. They are looking for areas where gaps are found in green cover so that such gaps can be filled up by raising plants.

The authorities say that out of targeted area of taking up plantation in about 1,000 hectares, they have completed work in 700 hectares so far and that plantation is still going on in remaining area.

Kakinada forest officer Nandani Salaria said, “We are raising plants in about 1,000  hectares area this monsoon in order to enhance green cover and also to provide good habitat for wildlife and we will complete the targeted plantation very soon.”

The forest authorities are taking up plantation works under the NREGS and sources say that wages  were released up to May, 2019 only.


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