Cleanliness dream fails due to lack of waste collection

Rajahmundry: Door-to-door garbage collection under Swachha Survekshan has not yet taken steam in East Godavari district. Municipal authorities have allegedly turned a blind eye on the issue even as five years have gone by since the launch of the Swachha Bharat scheme. Initially, manure manufacturing units were set up in the district including eight in Rajahmundry corporation. However, only two in Rajahmundry and one in Kakinada are working partially.
Real-time monitoring, which was introduced in municipalities to implement the procurement of waste has also failed completely. Chips with bar codes were fixed for each house on an experimental basis and garbage collectors were supposed to scan the bar code with to confirm the collection of garbage. The information would then reach the commissioner and then the chief minister. One collector has been allotted for every 250 houses, but the whole system has failed miserably due to lack of proper monitoring.
While 17,141 metric tonnes of garbage was generated in East Godavari district in the month of May alone, only a part of it was treated and a mere 652 tonnes of vermicompost was generated. Rajahmundry alone has created 651 tonnes of vermicompost. As far as dry waste is concerned, only two tonnes of plastic and paper have been recycled. This goes to show the lack of proper garbage collection work in the district.

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