Rajahmundry: Man stuck in train toilet for 2 days

Rajahmundry: An senior citizen was stuck in the toilet of the Narasapur Express for two days as he fell unconscious but railway authorities failed to notice him till the train completed a round trip. He has been hospitalised.

Police said Mr Choppala Narsimha Rao, 70, who a government pensioner from Vemuladeevi of Narasapuram mandal in West Godavari, was travelling to Hyderabad to meet his son Raj Kumar works in a private company.

On May 31, Mr Rao boarded the Narsapur Express to reach Hyderabad and informed his son about his travel plans. When the train reached Nampally in Hyderabad on June 1, his son failed to find him. Raj Kumar lodged a complaint about his father with the Government Railway Police and a case was registered.

Mr Rao who had a reserved berth in the S6 coach in Narasapur Express went to the toilet and latched the door from inside. However, he fell unconscious. As the train reached Nampally, the railway staff took it to the yard for cleaning but failed to notice him. All the while in the sweltering heat, Mr Rao lay in the toilet, helpless and untraced.

The train returned to Narsapur on June 2 with Rao still stuck in the toilet. He was found only when the railway staff at Narsapur noticed that the toilet was locked from inside and broke open the door.


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