Passengers suffer as AC conks off in AP Express

VISAKHAPATNAM: The 1,000 odd passengers travelling on AP Express 22416 (Delhi to Visakhapatnam) had a harrowing experience on Sunday as ACs stopped working in the air-conditioned coaches.
The passengers had notified the malfunctioning of AC’s when the train departed from Delhi. The railway staff tried to mitigate the problem at all subsequent railway stations including Vijayawada on Sunday morning, but could not. They finally decided to stop the train at Rajahmundry at around 05:00 pm.
The railway authorities then arranged a special train from Rajahmundry to Visakhapatnam for the passengers.
Speaking to TOI, RT Naidu, an Indian Army personnel who was travelling in the train said, “We had a bitter experience travelling from Agra to Rajahmundry. We were relieved after a special train was arranged for us.”
A senior railway official said that they receive nearly two to three complaints about the AP Express from passengers daily. The problem with the AC was first reported in the first air-conditioned compartment and later spread to all other compartments, he said.
“After making all possible efforts we decided to stop the train at Rajahmundry. We will check all the train compartments,” the official told TOI.
According to a technical railway personal, AC problems generally occur in the summer as maximum temperatures go beyond normal levels at locations like Khammam and Vijayawada.
“Abnormal temperatures can damage the sensitive micro-processors of the AC system. We will check everything out once the train reaches the shed,” he added.

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