Janasena Leader's Insulting Comment on Pawan Kalyan?

While there is a mass exodus of TDP leaders into BJP, pawan Kalyan's Janasena Party also joined the Party. There are reports that the Party's Rajamahendravaram MP Candidate, Akula Satyanarayana is resigning to the party and is joining the BJP.  Akula went on to say to the media that he is not leaving the party for now but made some critical comments on Janasena.

"If you try to do politics on caste basis, you are bound to fail. Time will decide if pawan kalyan will stay in the people for the next years. We have clearly failed to take pawan Kalyan's thoughts and the party's ideals into the people," Akula told the media much to the discomfort of his party.

Akula won as Rajamahendravaram Urban MLA in 2014 elections. He quit the party and joined Janasena just before the elections. He contested as Rajamahendravaram MP on Janasena Ticket and could not even get his deposit back. It is known that Former Minister Ravela Kishore Babu who joined Janasena before the elections contested from Prathipadu and lost his deposit. 

Janasena Leader's Insulting Comment on Pawan Kalyan?
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