Ripening chamber goes out of order, Andhra mango traders bitter

By Express News Service

RAJAMAHENDRAVARAM: Mango farmers and traders are in distress as the fruit ripening chamber in the Agriculture Market Committee (AMC) compound in Rajamahendravaram has been non-functional this season. The two air-conditioners in the chamber have not been working. 

As a result, mango traders and farmers are not able to store their raw mangoes for ripening. The 20-metric ton chamber was constructed in 2016 with Central funds. 
However, the facility became functional in 2017 and the traders and farmers used it for two years in 2017 and 2018.  

According to reports, the market committee is to blame as it has not taken proper care to maintain it.
According to a trader, Nagaraju, who has been in this business at AMC for the last five years, said that the import of mangoes had gone down and this resulted in increase in demand for local produce.
Given heavy demand, traders are demanding that the repairs to the chamber be completed immediately before the mango season ends. 

The authorities of AMC said that they were taking all steps to get the repairs done to the chamber at the earliest.  Even some farmers came forward to get the repair works done on their own and officials at AMC agreed.  It may become functional in a couple of days. 

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