Rajahmundry: Strike notice to ITC ILTD served by technicians

Rajahmundry: ITC ILTD Division technicians' wing served strike notice to the management in protest against its failure to revise their pay scales even after the lapse of four years' agreement on wages.

Technician wing president V. Vara Prasad said that they served 14-days prior strike notice to the management on Friday and take up the stir any time after May 18. He said that the four year period of agreement on wage revision lapsed on July 31, 2018. Around 15 rounds of discussions were held with the management but there was no progress to resolve their wage issue.

He said that as they served the strike notice under relevant sections of Industrial Disputes Act, 1947, they would take up stir after 14 days from the date of serving the notice if the management failed to resolve their wage issue by that time. Nearly 250 technicians are demanding for wage revision working at Chirala and Anaparthi units of the firm.


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