Rajahmundry: Park tanks to be filled with fresh water to attract visitors

Rajahmundry: Municipal corporation authorities are draining out the rain water from tanks at Kambhala Park and A. B. Nageswara Park and filling them up with water from Godavari river to provide a pleasant atmosphere and good ambience at the municipal parks for the benefit of local residents in the city.

Following the directions from municipal commissioner Sumit Kumar Gandhi, the civic officials are drawing Godavari river water through dedicated pipeline from Durga ghat to the parks to fill up the tanks at regular intervals so that the people can enjoy the presence of fresh river water in the tanks unlike the earlier practice of having stagnant water emanating foul smell causing inconvenience to visitors.

The authorities have provided play equipment and two separate gym for men and women at Kambhala Park where a large number of people with the children have been visiting the park during the morning and evening.

The high mast lights set up at the park helps visitors stay on in the park until late in the evening to spend more time leisurely instead of moving away fearing darkness with no illumination earlier.

The civic authorities are also paying more attention to develop greenery in the park to help people get fresh air.


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