Two people carrying Rs 2 crore to bribe voters for TDP MP arrested in Hyd

Around Rs 2 crore in cash were seized from two men, who have now been arrested by Hyderabad police. The accused were allegedly carrying the money to bribe people to vote for TDP MP M Murali Mohan (Rajahmundry). A team of police officers from the Madhapur police station and SOT, Cyberabad were the ones to make the seizure.

The two individuals arrested have been identified as Nimmaluri Sri Hari and Avuti Pandari. They were carrying Rs 2 crore in two bags, which were supposed to be handed over to Yelamanchi Murali Krishna which would then be passed on to Murali Mohan, according to police. The money was to be distributed to the voters in view of the upcoming MP/MLA Elections in Rajahmundry Parliamentary Constituency.

The incident came to light in view of regular inspections being conducted by Madhapur and SOT Madhapur Zone police officials. As part of these checks, searches were being conducted at Hitec City Railway Station when officials found the accused getting down from an auto rickshaw. The two then proceeded to walk, carrying 2 bags towards Hitec City Railway Station. Police officers intercepted the men and found Rs 2 crore in cash in 500 and 2000 rupee note denominations.

The police said that upon further enquiry Sri Hari and Pandari told officials that they had been instructed to take the money to Rajahmundry by Dharma Raju and Jagan Mohan Rao of Jayabheri properties. They had been told to transport the cash via train to Rajahmundry where it would received by an aide of MP Murali Mohan, Yelamanchi Murali Krishna. The two accused had placed the cash in 2 bags and were caught when they got down from an auto and were heading towards the railway station.

According to the Madhapur police, 96 lakh rupees (in the form of 500 rupee notes) and 1.04 crore rupees in 2000 rupee notes were seized. Investigations into the case are ongoing.

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