Flood in Sabari recedes

After a rise in the water level, the flood in the Sabari started receding on Sunday evening, restoring road connectivity between Chintoor and Vara Ramachandrapuram on NH 30.

Following continuous downpour in the upstream areas, the Sabari was in spate from Saturday evening. This had resulted in inundation of roads and bridges on the NH that connects Andhra Pradesh with the bordering villages of neighbouring Telangana, Odisha, and Chhattisgarh.

Along with the Sabari, the Sokuleru rivulet too was in spate, inundating the level bridge at Chuturu and flooding the NH. The road stretch between Chintoor and Vara Ramachandrapuram was under a sheet of water since Saturday night, affecting the movement of the public and private transport.

The APSRTC diverted its services from Rajamahendravaram to Bhadrachalam via Vara Ramachandrapuram towards Kunavaram during the day.

Increase in the water level in the Sokuleru had its effect on the water level in another rivulet, Cheekativagu. As a result, the road transport between Andhra Pradesh and Odisha via Kuyiguru and Kulleru was affected.

Similarly, flood water inundated the roads leading to the Mukunuru, A.G. Koderu, Pedda Seethanapalli, and Chadalavada panchayats.

Power disruption

Power and communication systems were affected. As a result, the tribal villages were cut off from the rest of the world for about 24 hours. However, normalcy prevailed from Sunday evening with the flood receding in the Sabari. The water level in it decreased from 34 feet in the morning to 30 feet by evening at Chintoor.

The situation is expected to be normal unless there is another spell of heavy rain in the upstream areas of the Sabari.Ends

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