How Officer Buyer was trapped by RGV and Co

How did Subramanyam, a small-time distributor and financier from Rajamahendravaram end up buying the rights to Officer for the entire Andhra Region for Rs 3.3 crore?

What made him so confident about the film, putting him today on the brink of financial ruin?

Here’s the inside story!

Subrahmanyam was first approached for finance by the makers of Officer. He gave them around Rs 1.3 crore and took all the necessary signatures.

As the film was about to be completed, Subrahmanyam asked them to return his amount. RGV and team did not respond and when Subrahmanyam pulled them up, they asked him to go to Court.

Realising that a legal case might take a lot of time, Subrahmanyam asked them for the rights to the movie for the Godavari areas in lieu of his amount.

Delighted at the small distributor falling into their trap, RGV and Co told him that they would only sell the rights to entire Andhra region and not just one or two areas.

They quoted a price of Rs 3.50 crore for the entire Andhra region which was a very small price indeed for a Nagarjuna film.

Why would they quote such a low price unless they knew well beforehand that the film was a disaster?

Anyway, finding no other way to recoup his investment, Subrahmanyam paid them another Rs 2.31 crore in the belief that he would at least break even since Raju Gari Gadhi 2 had collected around Rs 7 crore.

Now, Subrahmanyam has lost his entire investment and in return has to pay hefty amounts to exhibitors. As for RGV and Co, they have already fled to Mumbai.

Not surprising from someone who can instigate Sri Reddy against Pawan Kalyan and make her utter vulgar words against him.

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