Andhra Pradesh cops urge people to use LHMS App to secure locked houses

By Express News Service

RAJAMAHENDRAVARAM: The plans of Rajamahendravaram police to prevent burglaries by using ‘Locked House Monitoring System’ (LHMS) mobile app, has evoked a poor response from residents. Following in the footsteps of police in various towns and cities in Andhra Pradesh, Rajamahendravaram police have launched the LHMS App to prevent burglaries by installing the CCTV cameras at locked houses.

As Rajamahendravaram has been witnessing a series of burglaries during festivals and summer as most of the houses are locked, city police came up with the LHMS App that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. After downloading the app one can inform cops through the app about their date of travel and return. The registration must be done 24 hours before the resident leaves to ensure that the police can instal surveillance cameras which would help monitor the house.

Effective results in tackling crimes could be achieved with public cooperation, and all the available technologies would be used to cement the gap between the police and the public, Urban SP B Rajakumari has said.The SP asked the police personnel to create awareness among people regarding the app and make them register with the system, besides using it while keeping their houses locked.

She said that households have to just download the app and the messages they send would be thoroughly monitored by the control rooms. Prior to their outing schedules, the police would visit their houses and instal the wireless motion camera, UPS and wifi modem. Any suspicious movements in the locked houses would be immediately flashed to the control room. This unit is linked to the owner’s phone and also to the Police Control Room.

Rajakumari explained that if there is any movement in front of the house, the camera will record pictures and videos and send the same to the control room and the owner’s phone. Those residents wanting more details of this app are requested to speak to the designated police officials in their respective police station limits.

How it works
The LHMS App was developed by the Andhra Pradesh police, to enable property owners and residents to avail themselves of the free services of the CCTV surveillance of their houses when they are away
The service would be available for android mobile phone users whose requests made in the app would make the police instal a temporary WiFi modem and a wireless motion recording camera unit If any home owner is going out of town, he should have to place a request in the app and indicate the period of his or her absence The police would visit their house and instal the WiFi modem and other camera equipment
Poor response.

Out of 1,00,000 houses and business establishments, a meagre 19,000 approached the police and many have failed to utilise the free service. More awareness is needed for people to utilise this system, the SP said and added that burglars have been targeting locked houses under I Town, II Town, III Town and Prakashnagar police station limits and are stealing gold, silver, cash and a few other valuables. The app was launched to prevent burglaries but, there has been little response from the citizens, says Urban SP.

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