Rs. 13.35-crore surplus budget approved by RMC

Rajamahendravaram Municipal Corporation on Saturday approved surplus budget for the financial year 2018-19 with Rs. 13.35 crore.

Mayor Pantam Rajani Sesha Sai has introduced the budget in the council and explained budget estimates as well as income and expenditure to the members.

She has informed the members that the estimated budget for the year 2018-19 as Rs. 299.05 crore, including opening balance of Rs. 76.41 crore, and shown expenditure as Rs. 285 crore and shown Rs. 13.35 crore as closing balance for the next year.

MLAs Akula Satyanarayana and Gorantla Butchaiah Chowdary emphasised the need to increase source of income for the RMC by increasing advertisement and vacant land taxes. MLC Adireddy Apparao asked the opposition members to look into the development works taken up by the RMC and not to criticise just for the sake of criticising.

Surcharge stamp duty

It is estimated that Rs. 35 crore will come in the form of property tax which is the major source of income to the corporation along with Rs. 3.50 crore in the form of Vacant Land Tax and Rs. 2.50 crore as advertisement tax.

It is also estimated that Rs. 13 crore will land in the form of surcharge stamp duty, Rs. 2 crore in the form of entertainment tax, Rs. 2 crore in the form of non-plan grant and Rs. 1 crore through sand auctions.

With regard to the expenditure, the Mayor explained that Rs. 45.40 crore for developmental works as well as for general expenditure, Rs. 17.05 crore for management and other works, Rs. 27.67 crore for the Public Health Department, Rs. 11.70 for street lighting, Rs. 25.85 crore for drinking water supply and Rs. 13.80 crore have been earmarked for the Town Planning Department.

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