'If TV9 Is Honest, Why Not Airing Pawan's Tweets?'

Since last night, Pawan Kalyan's barrage of tweets is creating ripples in both political, media and social media circles. However, neither his emotional tweets about his mother nor his direct attack on media and other politicians is not even reported at any level by channels like TV9 and ABN.

"Not even a single scroll, neither a small news bit about Pawan Kalyan's tweets are seen in TV9. Neither they have conducted any debate on the tweets and not even invited any person from Janasena or any PK fan to talk about it. That exposes how TV9 colluded with Nara Lokesh and Co to defame Pawan Kalyan. If they are honest, today the would have aired news on his tweets also" said Janasena Party's official spokesperson Addepalli Sridhar.

Breathing fire on the way journalism is getting tinted in yellow colour, Sridhar confirmed that PK has enough proofs to take legal action on the whole of these people who conspired to bring him down. "Today the lobby is giving a message to everyone that we've already scolded Pawan's mother and tomorrow we will scold anyone- is the message they are sending to society" added Sridhar.

After quitting BJP recently, Addepalli Sridhar, a popular leader from Rajahmundry joined Janasena.

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