Three-day Intl conference on Salvage archaeology from Mar 12

A three-day International conference on Salvage Archaeology and Recent Researches on the Megalithic cultures of South Asia will be organised from March 12 at the campus of Acharya Nagarjuna University.

Disclosing this at a press conference here on Friday, Commissioner of Archaeology and Museums of AP, G Vani Mohan said that the Conference would be organised jointly by the Commissionerate of Archaeology and Museums of government of Andhra Pradesh, Department of AIHC and Archaeology, Deccan College, Deemed University and Post-graduate and research institute, Pune.

She said that archaeologists, researchers and professors from various countries, including South Korea, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh would submit their research papers on the recent advances on the megalithic traditions of South Asia, Scientific studies and dating of the burial sites, methods and procedures of salvage archaeological operations in South Asia, documentation and relocation of the monuments at the conference. Organising such an International conference in South Asia is going to be the first time in the state, she said.

She informed that as part of salvage Archaeological operations, the Commissionerate of Archaeology and Museums is conducting excavations at the Polavaram project submergence area, Rayanapeta and Rudramkota in East and West Godavari districts in collaboration with Deccan College, Pune. This is the largest Megalithic burial excavations in the country, Ms Vani Mohan informed.

The Commissiomer said that the Polavaram project is being constructed across the river Godavari. At a survey, it was found that 370 habitations, 341 stone sculptures, two temples and 4 megalithic burial sites were in submergence areas and the department had taken up salvage of archaeological operations by shifting the two temples, which are located at Vaddigudem (Shiva temple) and Koundinya Muketheswaram (Muktheswara Swamy). Moreover, the material unearthed in the excavations would be shifted to museums in Eluru and Sir Arthu Cotton's residential building in Rajahmundry, Ms Vani said.

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