Mudragada dubs Chandrababu's stance on AP status as a drama

Kakinada, Mar 16(UNI) Kapunadu leader and former Minister Mudragada Padmanabham has ridiculed Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu for raising up the issue of special category status to Andhra Pradesh at his convenience now and described his present stance of shedding tears on the floor of the Assembly as a drama .

In a fresh letter addressed to the chief Minister released to media persons here on Friday, Mudragada has accused Chandrababu as taking away of thousands of acres of most fertile agricultural lands under the pretext of Amaravati capital city construction and doing real estate business much against the wishes of the poor.

Have you not seen those displaced and hapless farmers tears ? Similarly have you not seen the tears of Kapu brethren when tortured by the police in the streets for raising their voice in support of the BC reservation? Have you not observed the tears of families of those 30 people died in stampede during Godavari pushkarams in Rajahmundry while as CM you have taken a holy dip in general ghat ?Then why you are pretending as if in sorrow while speaking on special category status ? ‘ he questioned.

Recalling the recent Million march of Maharashtra farmers in support of their demands and how the CM has responded and conceded their demand honouring the peoples aspirations in true democratic spirit, Mudragada has advised Chandrababu to learn how a ruler should be in a democratic system.

He has further advised Chandrababu not to thrive on hypocrisy but to see the ground realities and provide good governance upholding democracy.</span>

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