Andhra Pradesh almanac says N Chandrababu Naidu will fight back

VIJAYAWADA: Dr Prabhala Subrahmanya Sarma, retired reader of Oriental College, Rajahmundry, read out from the almanac what lies in store for people of the state at the Panchanga Sravanam programme here on Sunday. 

He said that the state government headed by N. Chandrababu Naidu will face several obstacles but will make some gains soon. 

There will be good rains this year which will be good for agriculture. Tourism and RTC will do well and panchayats, municipalities, mines, and education system’s development will be a little bit slow. 

In films, drama, and sports, development will be average. 

He warned that the youth will be attracted to bad habits and parents, leaders and teachers must take care of them. 

The police will have more success in nabbing terrorists and criminals and he suggested that protection of jails is important. On the whole, the state will pull though and incomes will stabilise 

The Central government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi will face some trouble but will continue. The income of the Central government will increase gradually in the New Year.

The stock market will improve. There will be tension in Parliament. More money will be spent on defence. He warned that we need to conserve water which will be much needed in the coming year in the villages.

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