Nod for incentives to six Economic Cities

The government on Friday approved the recommendations of its Urban Infrastructure Promotion Committee (UIPC) to give various incentives/concessions to six Economic Cities.

As per G.O. RT No. 27 issued by the Department of Energy and Infrastructure and Investment, the Economic Cities at Chevuturu and Pinapaka near Vijayawada (developer: Malaxmi Group); Mangalagiri in Guntur district (LEPL-Amaravati); Atchyutapuram in Visakhapatnam district (LEPL-Vizag); Velugubanda near Rajamahendravaram (Raagamayuri); B. Thandrapadu and Tadakanapalli in Kurnool district (Chaitanya); and Atchyutapuram in Visakhapatnam district (RS builders) are eligible for the concessions/incentives.

The UIPC was constituted to evaluate the Economic Cities, make recommendations on incentives, monitor progress of projects, and extend policy and resource support to the A.P. Township and Infrastructure Development Corporation, which would issue LoI.

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