New Trend in Movie Promotions

Telugu filmmakers these days have been going gaga over promoting their films in colleges. Visiting colleges, meeting scores of students, interacting with them, pushing their content and asking all of them to watch their movies has become the new trend. This trend caught up very quickly such that every other movie these days is promoting their film in colleges. While medium films have been doing this from a while, star-studded films too following the suit.

Jai Simha pre-release event was held in Vijayawada's Siddhartha college ground followed by Tholi Prema pre-release event at Bhimavaram's SRR engineering college. Another mega hero Sai Dharam Tej's Intteligent pre-release function is also being held in Government's Art College in Rajahmundry. This is quite easy for makers to pull crowds to college grounds as most of students fill the venues and bring more colour.

Naga Shaurya's Chalo, Tarun's Idi Na Love Story, now Sundeep Kishan's Manasuki Nachindi have visited colleges and promoted their films in colleges. These are only a very few to name besides several others.

Besides giving interviews to various media, TV channels, YouTube channels, websites, FMs, stars have now decided to go into public directly to promote their films. Even the stars from other states (such as Suriya) are visiting theatres post-release and meeting fans one-to-one and boosting revenues.

Looks like, our stars, PRs, producers are leaving no leaf unturned to promote their films and garner more revenues to their films.

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