Konaseema Tourism Getting A 'Mega' Boost

If a small hero uses a fidget spinner, then no one might care about it. But with Allu Arun using it in a movie, now we're seeing many films and actors making use of that. Similarly with the role of Khilji getting super highlighted in Padmaavat movie, suddenly the number of visitors visiting Khilji Tombs in Delhi have shot up. That's the power of films.

Now Telugu film lovers are predicting similar to happen to Konaseema tourism after the release of the film Rangasthalam. Set in Godavari backdrop, this Ram Charan starrer was predominantly shot in Polavaram and Konaseema regions, and parts of it were shot in Rajahmundry too. Already the visuals from the lyrical video of the song Yentha Sakkagunnave are promising a scenic treat to audiences with Ratnavelu's camera capturing the best of Konaseema.

Earlier most of the films used to get shot in this Godavari region but after Tollywood shifted to Hyderabad this Nawabi capital became the backdrop for many films. So showcasing full-length lush green locales of Godavari banks will be an attention puller and also it will give a kick to audiences. And these days, with short-vacation culture developing, any film that showcases some new location is bringing popularity to the area thereby boosting tourism as well.

Moreover, the film might look like a solid ad film to promote the region in case if Andhra Pradesh government wants to do so. Let's see what happens.

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