BJP leaders furious with Haribabu, discontent reaches boiling point

VIJAYAWADA: The simmering discontent in the State BJP is reaching a boiling point amid the ongoing tussle between the Chandrababu Naidu government and the Modi sarkar over the latter’s alleged failure in keeping promises made to Andhra Pradesh in the AP Reorganisation Act. Several leaders are itching to “set the record straight” but are frustrated, in particular with the party State leadership for turning the other cheek.“What isn’t the Central government doing for the State? Everything is being done as per the Act. Funds are being released for Polavaram project, and construction of the capital city Amaravati. How can they give funds when the State government hasn’t even finalised the Amaravati designs?

The railway zone in Visakhapatnam, Kadapa steel plant etc are subject to feasibility... It is mentioned so in the Act itself! All these are supposed to be implemented in a period of 10 years. The railway zone has been hanging fire since the UPA regime. But when we talk about these things to clarify the Centre’s stand and expose the TDP’s hollow claims, our own State leadership comes up with inane statements favouring the TDP, taking the wind out of our sails,” a senior BJP leader told TNIE on the condition of anonymity.

The saffron party leaders’ ire is mainly directed against the party’s incharge State president Haribabu. 
“The state committee was formed by Telangana leader Kishan Reddy and the party thought it fit to continue with it even after the division of the State! Haribabu is among the leaders who do not want the party to strengthen itself and expand in the State. Unfortunately, party chief Amit Shah, who knows everything, has indicated he will stick to Haribabu. If that decision is formalised, I will not even set foot in the State party office,” the senior leader vowed.

It is reliably learnt that Amit Shah, at a recent meeting with party leaders from both Telangana and AP, warned that he knew who among them was carrying confidential discussions to TDP leaders. Confirming it, the senior leader wondered, “It is a mystery as to why he isn’t acting tough.” 
He and his colleagues suspect that the Telugu Desam Party’s ongoing battle is intended to put pressure on the Centre to increase the number of Assembly seats in Andhra Pradesh from 175 to 225. “But Amit Shah made it crystal clear that it is not going to happen any time before the next elections,” he said. p6

He claimed that Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu’s dream from day one after forming the government was to decimate the BJP in the State. “It is clear that three-four senior leaders of the party, holding key positions, are in cohorts with the TDP. They were afraid that the party might gain ground after we made Amit Shah’s public meeting in Rajahmundry a grand success. If you observe, after that, the party has become completely silent,” he pointed out. ​

He and his comrades are also reluctant to defend the Centre in public now, believing that it is useless. Citing the case of party leader Somu Veerraju, who blasted the Chief Minister recently, the senior leader confided, “I can assure you that Amit Shah did not call and reprimand Somu Veerraju. But such a report was planted in the media.” Insinuating that internal sabotage was rampant, he rued that the party is in self-destruction mode.

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