Polavaram: Transstroy given target of 7000 CuM of concrete work a day

Union Minister for Water Resources Nitin Gadkari has set a target of 7,000 cubic metres of concrete work per day to Transstroy, the prime contractor of the Polavaram Project, State Water Resources Secretary Shashi Bhushan Kumar has said.

Speaking to The Hindu, Mr. Kumar said that the Minister arrived at the figure after making some calculations.

Mr. Gadkari, after a meeting with Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu in New Delhi on Wednesday, announced that Transstroy would be given one month time to improve its performance failing which a part of the work being currently executed by it at Polavaram would be entrusted to another contractor.

The State government has already called for tenders for spillway and spill channel concrete works worth ₹1,000 crore. The grace period given to Transstroy will end on January 13.

Positive development

Mr. Kumar also gave clarity on the location of the Polavaram Project Authority (PPA) headquarters. The Secretary said that the PPA would move its headquarters “as soon as possible”.

The State government requested the Union Minister for shifting of the PPA headquarters from Hyderabad to Rajamahendravaram and Mr. Gadkari gave his consent. “The PPA asked the State government for some infrastructure and it will be provided as soon as possible. And the manpower required by the PPA would also be provided from the State and Central government pools,” Mr. Kumar said.

Revised estimates

The Central Water Commission was currently scrutinising the revised estimates of ₹58,000 crore and, as part of it, had sought some clarifications, Mr. Kumar said. “The CWC has eight or nine directorates and a copy of the estimate has been sent to all of them. Some of the directors have sent back the estimates with remarks and observations. We have received two sets from the CWC and replies would be given to these remarks not later than December 21. CWC is known for following due process. The CWC is not known to clear any estimate in less than one year,” he said.

Once a reply is given to the remarks and observations of the CWC, a team of A.P. engineers would camp in New Delhi to reduce further delay. This was suggested even by the Union Minister¸ Mr. Kumar said.

The CWC directorate returned the estimates as part of the clearance process. This was being construed as some turf war between the State Water Resources Department and CWC. There was no truth in that, Mr Kumar explained.

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