Pawan Kalyan Urges Fans to Stop Calling Him 'CM '


Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan who is under political tour on wednesday visited to Polavaram project site in West Godavari and enquired with officials the progress in the works taken up by Andhra Pradesh government.  He reached Polavaram by car from Rajamahendravaram.

During His Visit to Vizag and Polavaram His fans and supporters have shouted slogans of “CM Pawan Kalyan” at the meeting. Replying to this, Pawan Kalyan said, “Don’t commit those mistakes everyone out there does. If you shout CM, I won’t feel anything inside my heart. Because shouting that way maybe fun to you but not me. Power is nothing but responsibility. Even If I don’t have power, I won’t shy away from responsibilities”.

Coming out why the PRP failed, he said, “The party was founded with good intentions but my brother allowed unwanted intruders into the party and he was soon surrounded by companions who did more harm than good.”Mr. Pawan Kalyan said, “I remember each and every person who was responsible for the destruction of PRP and we will teach a lesson to each one of them at the appropriate time.”

In an oblique comment, he said he would talk about Parakala Prabhakar at the appropriate time.

“I am building up a party with a strong cadre base picked up from the lower and middle-class segment of society and posts and portfolios will be given as per their strength and capabilities.”

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