Pawan Kalyan takes a dig at Allu Aravind and others while speaking at Rajamahendravaram

Janasena Party President Pawan Kalyan minced no words while speaking at the party meeting at Rajamahendravaram on Thursday. Talking on several issues, Pawan Kalyan, typical to his flair, lashed out at many individuals for their actions.

While talking about what made him uncomfortable at his brother’s Prajarajyam Party, Pawan Kalyan cited a particular incident involving Allu Aravind. He said, “Allu Aravind saw me only as an actor who is similar to his son Allu Arjun and nephew Ram Charan. He never recognised me as a person with a social consciousness.” The JSP Chief also added that he felt helpless in such an environment.

The Janasena Party founder said that many people misused the “soft nature” of his elder brother, Chiranjeevi, which led to the fall of Prajarajyam Party. In his own words, “Unlike Chiranjeevi, I am not of soft nature. My case is quite different, and I stepped into politics only after learning lessons from the previous debacle.”

Pawan Kalyan also took a jibe at those who tried to associate him with a particular caste. While quoting an article in a famous Telugu daily, Pawan said, “The Chief of the newspaper said I was surrounded by the youngsters of my caste during a rally in Amaravati. I wonder why didn’t he raise the same objection when I campaigned for TDP during the 2014 elections.” The actor went on to say that he is an Indian first and will not tolerate anyone who associates him with a particular caste.

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