IMD withdraws monsoon alert

RAJAHMUNDRY: The Indian meteorological department has officially declared withdrawal of monsoon alert for the entire Godavari basin until the first week of June indicating that there will be no major floods in the main river Godavari and its tributaries like Indravati, Sabari and Pranahitha.

As the Godavari originates from Nasik and empties into the sea at Antarvedi and Yanam, the IMD authorities say that there may not be any major floods to the Godavari and its tributaries all the way along their course of journey and this monsoon withdrawal alert will be effective either up to last week of May or the first week of June. This means officials from various departments like water resources, revenue, police, panchayat raj and others, who are posted on flood duty can relax and concentrate on their regular departmental works. IMD also says that even in case of low trough formed in the sea and develops into a cyclonic storm, it impact is expected to be felt in the form of rainfall lasting just for three to four days. This brief spell of rainfall is not expected to cause major floods to Godavari and its tributaries forcing the officials to evacuate the people from vulnerable villages to safety and provide them food and water. 

However, the rainfall in the local area may result in inflow of water into the Godavari and its tributaries. IMD’s withdrawal of monsoon alert beginning from November 1st gives major relief to the authorities in Godavari districts.

On the other hand, Central Water Commission authorities say that the Godavari has received annual mean inflow of water to the tune of 1,600 tmc ft during this flood season which ended on October 31st against the average annual inflow of about 2,000 tmc ft of water. During the entire period of flood season beginning from June 1 to October 31, 2017, the main Godavari river witnessed no major floods while its tributaries Indravati and Sabari witnessed  it twice. Pranahitha witnessed no heavy floods this season. As water level in Sriram Sagar project has not touched full reservoir level, water from it has not been released into the Godavari. Authorities maintain that unless there is heavy rainfall in the catchment area of Godavari, it will not get heavy inflow of water into it and even if there is heavy rainfall locally, its impact  will not be felt much except inflow of water into the river from overflowing local streams and rivulets. Central Water Commission senior divisional engineer B.N.V. Satyanarayana said.

“IMD has announced withdrawal of monsoon alert to the entire Godavari basin on October 31 and this will be effective until the commencement of next flood season beginning in May/June. Godavari river received very mean inflow of water this flood season with no heavy rainfall in its catchment area.”

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