Hyderabad: Decomposed body of man found in his flat

Hyderabad: An NRI woman  came to Hyderabad in search of her father who had been missing over a month. The woman, accompanied by her mother, was shocked to find his decomposed body at their flat in LB Nagar.

The women came to Hyderabad because P. Lakshminarayana Murthy, a retired government employee, had not been responding to their calls for several days. They were shocked that none of the residents in the apartment building had noticed a foul smell.

Mr Murthy was a native of Rajamahendravaram in Andhra Pradesh. He had two daughters, both of whom were living in the USA. His wife, Lakshmi, had recently gone to America to visit their daughters.

Mr Murthy had come to Hyderabad in the month of August to attend a relative’s wedding. He had stayed at his daughter’s flat at the Sai Maruti Apartments in Nagole. He had been in touch with his wife for the first few days of his stay in Hyderabad, after which he had stopped responding to her calls. Worried, the daughters had alerted relatives in Hyderabad, but none of them had been able to give them any information.

Nearly 40 days later, Lakshmi and her you-nger daughter Soujanya flew to Hyderabad in search of Mr Murthy.  Despite knocking repeatedly on the door, they received no response. They broke open the door with the help of a local carpenter and entered the flat.

They were shocked to find Mr Murthy’s decomposed body lying in a pool of dry blood near the bathroom. He had been wearing only a towel at the time of death  and a dead lizard was found lying near his feet.

It is suspected that Mr Murthy came out of a bath and slipped while trying to avoid stepping on the lizard, suffering a severe head injury and died after failing to receive any medical attention.

Venkataiah, the security guard of the building, said that the building staff was unaware that Mr Murthy was in the flat because he rarely visited. “The house is fitted with a central locking system and all the windows are closed at all times, so we were not aware of his presence,” he said. 

No case has been registered because the family does not have any suspicions regarding the circumstances of the death.

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