Biometric machine installation at govt offices at snail's pace

VIJAYAWADA: The State government has implemented the biometric attendance systems in government offices with much fanfare, but now many systems are not working properly. Despite the Chief Minister’s order during the Collectors’ conference, many of the biometric systems are yet to be repaired. 
Furious over the issue, Chief secretary Dinesh Kumar has directed the officials to repair the damaged machines by November 1. Interestingly, of the total 44 departments of the State government, only 10 have been implementing the system in the offices under them. 

While Education and Social Welfare departments came top, Municipal and other departments fare badly in the implementation. The biometric attendance system, which was launched in AP Secretariat as part of the real-time monitoring policy of the State government and the Digital India campaign, was extended to district level government offices in October 1 after the Chief Minister’s order. 
Though biometric systems were implemented in 90% of the educational institutions in the State, they are yet to be launched in many schools in the Agency areas.  

Over 60% of the Health Department offices and hospitals have implemented biometric attendance system so far. Though all the general hospitals like King Geroge Hospital in Visakhapatnam, Government General Hospital in Guntur, Government Hospital Kakinada, Government General Hospital of Vijayawada, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Science (RIMS), Visakha institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS) and area hospitals have successfully implemented the biometric systems for registering attendance of employees, the Primary Healthcare Centres in the State have failed to do the same.

In the transport department, the biometric system was implemented in DTC offices in Vijayawada, Rajahmundry, and but not in the RTAs and brake inspector offices. While the biometric systems were implemented in PNBS main office and RTC Regional Manager offices, RTC depots in various places are yet to implement the new system of attendance.The Forest Department has recently started implementation of biometric systems in its district offices.  The systems were implemented in  95% of social welfare hostels. 

In case of the Municipal department, the digital attendance systems were implemented at the offices of Municipal Corporations including Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation,  Vijayawada Municipal Corporation, Rajamahendravaram Municipal Corporation, Kakinada Municipal Corporation, Nellore Municipal Corporation, Anantapur Municipal Corporation, Tirupathi Municipal Corporation and Grade I municipal offices. At the same time, small municipal offices have failed to implement biometric attendance system.  Same is the case with the Panchayat Raj Department as many Panchayat offices are yet to launch the biometric attendance system.  

According to Chief Secretary Dinesh Kumar, the attendance of employees and other important issues are directly connected with the CM dashboard as part of the real-time governance of the State government to ensure transparency. The Chief Secretary directed the officials concerned to have the biometric attendance machinery checked and have the faulty ones replaced at the earliest. He wanted them to maintain a uniform system without any discrepancies

“The government institutions such as schools, hospitals, hostels, and offices should be monitored using the biometric systems. It will ensure transparency,” said AP Gazetted Employees Association president R Krishnayya. Now, after two months of Chief Ministers s order, the officials are succeeded in implementing the systems completely at the State Secretariat. The digital attendance monitoring systems were also launched at the Collectorates and offices of Head of the departments. 

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