Rajahmundry: Woman kills hubby for lover

Rajahmundry: A woman killed her husband by injecting a lethal dose of high power sedative for her lover at Gauripatnam of Devarapalli mandal in West Godavari recently.

According to Devarapalli police, the deceased Ch. Bheema Sankar, 30, hailing from Draksharama village of Ramachandrapuram mandal in East Godavari married his close relative Jayalakshmi on May 17. Jayalakshmi, a nurse by profession at Draksharama village, allegedly has an affair with her colleague Y. Girish working in the same hospital for the last three years. Bheema Sankar learnt about her illegal affair with Girish and advised her to give it up.

As the couple were having trouble on the issue frequently, Jayalakshmi conspired with Girish to eliminate Sankar. Accordingly, on August 29,

Jayalakshmi and Sankar went to Gauripatnam temple. Jayalakshmi convinced Sankar to take a dose of injection to help improve his health as he was not feeling well. Unaware of the conspiracy to eliminate him, Sankar accepted her request. She injected 10 ml dose of Ketamine to Sankar and within minutes he died.

On August 29, police found an unclaimed dead body at Gauripatnam temple and upon close observation; they found the shirt collar of the deceased with logo – 'DRM'.

The police understood that the tailor shop of shirt of the deceased was from Draksharamam. Later, the police checked the CCTV footage at the temple and found Sankar accompanied by a woman who covered her face and she found to be his wife Jayalakshmi.

Police took Jayalakshmi into custody and started investigation and she confessed that her lover Girish brought the injection from the government hospital at Kakinada to administer to Sankar to kill him to continue their relationship.

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