Rajahmundry: Self SHE Teams to resolve student issues

Rajahmundry: The Urban police has set up Self SHE Teams in as many as 112 educational institutions including schools, junior colleges, degree colleges and professional colleges with each team comprising five girls to tackle eve teasing  with the help of head of the institution recently in Rajahmundry.

In case of any trouble within the premises of an educational institution, its students are advised to approach the Self SHE Team to get rid of their problem by taking up counselling to trouble makers and victims. In case the problem persists, the Self SHE Team members will alert the SHE Team members who in turn plunge into action to initiate necessary steps to resolve the issues.

SHE Team members facilitated registration of as many as 32 FIRs in various police stations, as their efforts to counsel and warn the trouble makers failed to yield any result and advised the victims to lodge complaints with the police. 

Similarly, 146 petty cases were also booked. SHE Team members initiated action against 3,233 persons on various grounds as they failed to mend their ways and provided counselling to 3,055 persons since July, 2017.

The SHE Team members said that several girls were being subjected to blackmail by their male friends by posting the pictures when they were together in a friendly gesture on social media like Facebook and WhatsApp asking them to continue their friendship. 

In some cases, when some women get their marriage arranged by their parents, their former male friends started troubling them with a threat to expose their photographs in which they posed together in social media.

The SHE Team members provided counselling to the victims and the trouble makers in the presence of their parents and solved some problems. 

The members are also providing counselling on various violations of traffic rules like rash driving, triple riding and riding of bikes. She Team incharge P. Nagarathnam said, “We have almost curbed the eve teasing in the city and we are getting a few such cases occasionally. The purpose of Self SHE Teams is to help solve the minor issues among the students within the limit of educational institutions quickly.” 

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