Rajahmundry: 2 groups clash over R&B land

Rajahmundry: Normalcy is restored as the R and B authorities took control over nearly 1,200 square yards land belonged to them, as two social groups Kapus and Dalits were fighting for space in the land at Vuradallapalemin West Godavari on Friday.

Tension mounted in the village when the people belonged to the two communities resorted to pushing and jostling against each other to claim right on the land. 

People belonged to the Kapu community named the R and B site located by the road side as Chiranjeevi Park, unofficially, several years ago. Recently, they started to clean the park and set up fencing to protect it from encroachment. 

Dalits who stay near the site demanded for some space and accordingly it was given to them to organise community events. 

The statue of Dalit icon Dr B.R. Ambedkar is located in the SC Colony  opposite to the R and B site.  

Recently, the Dalits have demanded for allocation of more space in the site to carry out their activities and this was objected by the Kapus.

On Thursday , people belonged to Kapu community where several Bhavani idols arrived there and parked their vehicle outside the site and started doing some deeksha inside.

Dalit community members pushed the parked vehicles into a nearby canal. Police intervened and held talks with the representatives of both the communities. 

However, R and B officials have decided to take away site into their control to avoid clashes between the two social groups. 

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