Jagan Losing His Secret Friend?

Kapu crusader Mudragada Padmanabham, who has been fighting for the inclusion of Kapu community in BCs, has shot a fresh letter to CM Chandrababu Naidu. This letter is now hot topic in political circles.

The letter saw a softened Mudragada as he has extended the deadline to AP government upto December 6 i.e approximately three more moths which is considerable time for the TDP government.

Mudragada has also mentioned about round table conference held in London and Ambedkar's uncompromising fighting spirit in his letter. Now, many are linking the 'easy-going' Mudragada to his recent and 'secret' meeting of TDP senior leader and Rajahmundry rural MLA Gorantla Buchaiah Chowdary.

Talk is that Mudragada has cut his ties with Jagan and YSRCP especially after the recent defeat in Nandyal, Kakinada. Given that Kakinada has large population of Kapu community who seems to have supported TDP, Mudragada seems to have change his mind.

It is well known that Mudragada is Jagan's secret friend. Jagan has been banking on Mudragada for Kapu votes. However, the latest stand of Mudragada is seen as a Jhalak to Jagan.

Also the fact that Mudragada's son-in-law's father's land issue seems to be causing some trouble to Mudragada and family. And Mudragada is allegedly expecting TDP support to resolve the issue. On the whole, Mudragada's fresh letter is a great relief to Chandrababu and a set back to Jagan.

Sep 14, 2017విశాల్ మామూలోడు కాదండోయ్.. ఇప్పుడు తమిళ సినీ పరిశ్రమలో ఎక్కడా చూసినా ఒకరి గురించే చర్చ.. విశాల్.. విశాల్.. విశాల్. నిర్మాతల మండలి అధ్యక్షుడైన వెంటనే పైరసీ వెబ్ … View Full Article

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