Will soon release a horror movie and a motivational book: Vikram Aditya

Vikram Aditya has been YouTubing for 20 months now, a miniscule amount of time considering his immoderate popularity. In the growing crowd of Telugu Youtubers, Vikram has made a niche for himself by believing in the charm of his spoken word.

He is different from others in that he entertains the viewer through videos that are essentially knowledge-based. He decodes why Kattappa killed Baahubali in one video, while in another he lists out the ten ‘worst jobs’ in the world. As far as subject is concerned, he is game for anything — it is as if all topics trending on the web find their way into his videos.

We catch up with the young YouTuber as he waits to see the subscribership to his YouTube channel cross the big 500,000 mark. Excerpts:

Tell us about the making of Vikram Aditya, the man…

I was born in a small village called Thamarada of Rajahmundry in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. I am an only son and I have a younger sister. Most of my schooling was done in Kakinada. As a kid, I was naughty and studious at the same time. My father was strict about studies, so I used to be the class topper in every academic year of my schooling.

My father wanted me to be an engineer, so I studied math. But, a few months into intermediate studies, my father realised that I am missing the top rankings because of mathematics, and so he changed my course of studies to medicine. From my EAMCET rank, I was able to study dental and pharmacy courses, but not MBBS. I graduated from Aditya College in Kakinada and was one of the 16 students from Andhra University-affiliated colleges who got through GATE. I then gave the entrance test for National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), Hyderabad, and became the only student from this region to score a top rank in it. NIPER, for pharmacy students, is the varsity equivalent of the IITs.

I completed my post-graduation in Medicinal Chemistry from NIPER. Immediately after, I started a business. It was a coaching centre called Pharmula Academy. I started it with a tiny investment of Rs 3,000, with the aim of training students preparing for NIPER. In less than three years, the academy was recording an annual turnover of Rs 1 crore.

Within no time, it became the top coaching centre in Andhra Pradesh.


However, my father wanted me to get a government service job, and so I applied for and got placed in a position with the State Bank of India. I had to shutter my academy then.

I had no satisfaction from the job. I used to have this nagging feeling that something was amiss. One day, as I was thinking about my childhood, I came upon a profound realisation. I had always been easygoing, a good listener and a motivational speaker. I had delivered several motivational speeches in various colleges while I was running a successful business out of teaching. I realised that all this while, people liked listening to me. It did not matter to them what I spoke about — they always listened keenly. It also occurred to me that I was good at teaching and speaking because I loved sharing my knowledge, no matter the subject.

I decided to start YouTubing, just to share my thoughts and knowledge with the world. For the first nine months, I had not many followers. In fact, many people criticised me for my voice and the way I presented the videos. I did not lose hope. I persisted, and soon became one of the top Telugu YouTubers. I was criticised for my way of speaking, because I pronounce each word loud and clear, but that is exactly what separated me from the crowd of Telugu YouTubers.

Any movie plans?

I have directed a thrilling horror movie titled ‘Nandita Vasudev’. YouTubers make ‘thank you’ videos for their followers upon reaching milestones in subscribership. I do not think that a simple ‘thank you’ is enough to express my gratitude, so I will be releasing the movie as a gift for my followers when I reach the 5-lakh-subscribers mark, which is to happen soon. The movie was made on a budget of Rs 10 lakh, solely for this purpose. 

Would you be pursuing your motivational skills in any other way?

Towards that end, I have authored my debut book called ‘The First Step For Transformation’. It took me about eight months to write. It is about sharing the experiences of my life and inspiring readers with my thoughts. It provides self-help exercises after each chapter. These exercises can help transform anybody, from the lowest points in their lives to the highest. The book will be launched a month after the release of my film.


What are the dynamics that go into the making of your videos?

The predominant aspect, always, is content. I work hard on my videos — I write each dialogue by myself, without borrowing from any sources. I divide the content into three parts — the beginning, the middle and the end. I think hard about which dialogue should go where in the video, because perfection in presentation is of utmost importance to me. I look at it as writing and then directing film screenplays. The foremost thought on my mind is to provide top-level content on any subject, and present the videos in a way that is unique, so that the viewer gets something different to watch from what is already out there.

How is family support coming for your work now?

I have been given great support from my family right from the beginning of my YouTubing journey. My family respects and supports all important decisions of my life.

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