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APPLE FIBER NET - High Speed Internet Provider upto 100MBPS


Apple Broadband Services Pvt.Ltd.

Package NamePackage AmountNew BandwidthFUP LimitPost FUPPay Online and Get
Extra Data Limit
Half YearlyYearly PackagePay 12 Months
And get 15 Months
12 Months
APPLE FIBERNET 4004005 Mbps80 GB2 Mbps----4400/-4800/-
APPLE FIBERNET 50050010 Mbps100 GB2 Mbps----5000/-6000/-
APPLE FIBERNET 60060020 Mbps120 GB4 Mbps50 GB3300/-6000/-7200/-
APPLE FIBERNET 75075060 Mbps200 GB10 Mbps50 GB4125/-7500/-9000/-
APPLE FIBERNET 1150115080 Mbps300 GB10 Mbps50 GB6325/-11500/-13,800/-
APPLE FIBERNET 17251725100 Mbps500 GB10 Mbps50 GB9488/-17250/-20,700/-
APPLE FIBERNET 25012501150 Mbps1 TB15 Mbps50 GB13756/-25,010/-
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