All hell breaks loose at Rajamahendravaram council meet

Mayor suspends YSRCP member Mindi Nagendra for disrupting speech of BJP MLA Akula Satyannarayana His party colleagues stage a walk out in protest

BJP MLA Akula Satyanarayana addressing council meet of Municipal Corporation of Rajamahendravaram on Monday. (Right) Mayor Pantam Rajani Sesha Sai Rajamahendravaram: Pandemonium broke out at the council meeting of the Municipal Corporation of Rajamahendravaram once again and YSR Congress Party member Mindi Nagendra was suspended and his colleagues staged a walk out in support of the suspended member. 

Subsequently, the ruling party has approved the agenda. Earlier, Mayor Pantam Rajani Sesha Sai announced that she will give chance to discuss issues during Question Hour to all the members.