GIET Students designed Electric Bike

Rajamahendravaram: Students of Godavari Institute of Engineering and Technology, Rajamahendravaram have designed electric bikes from the old scrapped motor bikes. The students of final year automobile engineering as a part of their academic project have designed the bike It all started with Manoj Reddy from Anaparthy, who collected old Yamaha bike from scrap and modified it in his own workshop. 

He replaced the engine silencer with electric motor and four batteries. He installed charging circuit and control units in the fuel tank. He spent as much as Rs 40,000 to make changes to the bike.They claim that the vehicle can carry two passengers to a distance 35 km with a single full charge. It consumes about 2 units for single charge of the battery.Four other students; Dandu Madhusudhakar, Sanaapaneni Siva Phani Durga Prasad, Koduri Panchangam Harish and Gudapati Ashok collected old LML scooter and made it electric-powered. They installed batteries in the fuel tank and motor in the wheel. 

They spent as much as Rs 17, 000 for the makeover. It is taking one and a half hour time for full charge and consumes 2 units of power. It can carry two people to a range of 40 km and can attain a maximum speed of 35km per hour.The students and their guides told that they would like to start up a venture to makeover and sale custom electric vehicles. Head of automobile engineering department V.Subrahmanyam and assistant professor T.V. Dharmaraju guided the students.Read More...