Be constructive in criticism, Pawan Kalyan told

Rajahmundry Urban MLA (BJP) Akula Satyanarayana advised film actor and Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan to play a constructive and bigger role in development of the state instead of raising petty issues and criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi in person.
Speaking to newsmen here on Wednesday, the legislator said that the demand for according Special Category Status to AP was a closed chapter in the context of recommendations of XIV Finance Commission and the upcoming Goods and Service Tax.

He said that the Centre had sanctioned Special Assistance Measure for five years in lieu of special category status and added that as part of its implementation, it had released Rs 988 cr and Rs 1,981 cr through Nabard to fund the Polavaram project as it was committed to fund the project completely.
Referring to a series of statements being issued by the Jana Sena chief on SCS, the BJP MLA advised him to raise issues which really affect the people in the state in order to help both the state and the Centre to solve them and asked him not to be carried away by the Communists who were raising the issue of SCS again. He opined that Communism had lost its moorings and even the hardcore Communist nations were opting for free economy.
With regard to the critical remarks on Prime Minister Modi by Mr Kalyan, the legislator advised him not to criticise the Prime Minister as he had been initiating a series of reforms in the governance of the country and was waging a relentless war against the black money and tax evasion.

He advised Mr Kalyan to come up with constructive criticism to help the Centre develop the state in a big way. As TD leaders were also maintaining that they would make efforts to get legality to the SAM, the legislator said the Centre had announced it already.