Be a proud mother: Aspiring Inquisitive Mother


Sri Shirdi Sai Institution conducted an awareness program on ‘Aspiring Inquisitive Mother (AIM)’ here on Tuesday.

The awareness program was organized with a view to giving tips of parenting to mothers. Nearly 900 mothers took part in the programme.
Dr. K S Ratnakar, Director, Global Hospital, Hyderabad, gave a power-packed seminar and emphasized on the importance of spending time with children besides impressing on the audience with a presentation on “No one can be as powerful as mother”.

Speaking on the occasion, Addanki Sridhar Babu, Government of Uttarakhand Project Director, advised mothers to nurture their children with utmost care as it will help them in gaining ultimate satisfaction.
The Chairman of Sri Shirdi Sai educational institutions, Tambabathula Sridhar said that AIM programmes are being organized for the last eight years on the role of mothers in the transformation of children.

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The AIM programme conducted by Sri Shirdi Sai Institution received an overwhelming response, with mothers riveting throughout the workshop.